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  • 20Seven30Eleven -


    Good afternoon/morning/evening to you, sir

  • ByVulcanPlay -

    Can you add a new mod plzzz. Aternos had a naruto c mod but there is a new mod . In . There is a (naruto mod 1.7.10 become a ninja) plzzzz ad this mod.

  • nachoqwerty13 -

    When I'm on my server, it does not let me walk, but if I can fly with creative

  • nachoqwerty13 -


  • Katzen_cool -

    Wehn ich mein Server starte und joine stopt er sofort wieder. Ich finde aber das Proplem nicht.

  • Katzen_cool -

    habe ein Proplem.

  • iTargetDS -

    Merhaba Aternos Yetkilisi Ben iTargetDS Sana Sorum Olacak Serverimi Açıyorum Sonra Başlatılıyor Yazıyor ve Sonra Durduruldu Yazıyor ve Server Açılmıyor Pluginlerimde Sıkıntı Yok Ve Ben Türküm Bu Soruyu Türçe Çeviriden Çevirerek Cevaplarsanız Sevinirim
    Hello Aternos Author I'm iTargetDS I will be responsible for you I am opening my server I am starting then I am writing and then I am stopped I am writing and the server is not opening My plugins are no troubles and I am a Turkum This is a question

  • piecraft -

    pls do replie

  • piecraft -

    pls help idk how to make pugins work in vanilla

  • piecraft -

    help me pls how do i make pugins work on my server in vannila

  • TutoMan -

    Hello I have a problem, I downloaded the lobbysystem plugin and thanks to it do not destroy or put blocks.This plugin I tried to erase a few times and several times restart the whole server but nothing helped.Therefore please help me to remove this plugin with my server.Thank you .

  • jepskie01 -

    hey can you add this plugin please…-for-lobby-servers.41127/

  • PotionOfEpicness -

    Happy birthday!

  • SecretLemon -

    Can i please have a reason divine journey is denied? When the request is closed the only reply is denied. Is there any proper reason?

  • LouGamer13 -

    Hello, I would like to suggest that you provide us with more than one mod and put other mods that are not in the area of choosing the mods.

  • Shadownitszed -

    Could you see my post pls

  • Vokabeltest | Tim -

    Hey! Mein Server ist gestartet und dann direkt wieder gestoppt, weil er sich nicht mit dem Port verbinden konnte, wie kann das ein? Es wäre echt nice, wenn du meinen Server Headstarten könntest!

  • Pig_tail -

    how do i remove plugins?

  • _4nna_ -

    Hello, I recently deactivated my aternos user... I wasn't exactly thinking when I banned myself on accident then detonated the user in hopes of resetting it all. Could you please, please, please activate again? It's under the username _4nna_, and also, how could I unban myself from it? Thanks!

  • EmmaWatsonIsHot -

    Can you reactivate my account MinerTheElf please????

  • ramar1010 -

    I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with my server so i was on v1.12 and i went down to v1.11 and then i said lemme go back to 1.12 and all my plugins wont load on server there still in files and plugins list but on server startup they wont load and im back to basic minecrat with no plugins


    Hello, i can propose you a plugins, insane bedwars

  • RaserFrakMCs_ -

    Hello friends, today was on my server and install a plugin for the ranges I walk: D is not difficult to configure if they want to help them just need the plugin LordPermissions I recommend them a lot is for ranges that walk in aternos, I hope you walk: D

    Soy de Argentina xd

  • dragon_ender0 -

    Well, I have a server on your host and I wanted to know the reason that when I install the CHESTSHOP plugin I can not sell or buy items. I wanted to know why. Thank you
    Well, I have a server on your host and I wanted to know the reason that when I install the CHESTSHOP plugin I can not sell or buy items. I wanted to know why. Thank you

  • spcongelados -

    Matthias, could you add the option to use more than one mod at a time? I think that would greatly help the community. I am aware that many mods could crash the server, but could put a limit higher than one.

  • StarMade -

    premium none

  • StarMade -

    server ıp?

  • StarMade -

    Give me a premium

  • StarMade -

    Age 12
    I live in Turkey

  • StarMade -