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  • g5bgi3 -

    Please install MeCraft mode quickly Nickname:g5bgi3

  • tommarcel -

    hey have a question how to write your own plugins (available for others)

  • tommarcel -

    hey have a question how to write your own plugins (available for others)

  • L_The_Master -

    Hey dude how to whitelist someone in your own server in 1.8 cause i dont know how plz help me :(

    • mariolatif741 -


      Go to server Options and enable "Whitelist".

      Now go to Players menu and add the whitelisted players. :)

  • Tymodator -

    please accept modpack Kekkit kurde balans

  • ThePilotGamer -

    Hey! Please could you check my thread in Server?

  • iTargetDS -

    Merhaba Aternos Yetkilisi Ben iTargetDS Sana Sorum Olacak Serverimi Açıyorum Sonra Başlatılıyor Yazıyor ve Sonra Durduruldu Yazıyor ve Server Açılmıyor Pluginlerimde Sıkıntı Yok Ve Ben Türküm Bu Soruyu Türçe Çeviriden Çevirerek Cevaplarsanız Sevinirim
    Hello Aternos Author I'm iTargetDS I will be responsible for you I am opening my server I am starting then I am writing and then I am stopped I am writing and the server is not opening My plugins are no troubles and I am a Turkum This is a question

  • BoggleBeastPrison -

    All the shop plugins i download do not work, when i do /pl in game some show up red and 1 green, all of them doo not work help please

  • WorldsBuilder28 -

    please help
    i am a new user and with that i made a freshly new server
    i keeo getting kicked out of my own server saying "existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"
    i cant seem to fix it. i deleted all the plugins if that helps.

  • axegus26 -

    Why was my plugin request denyed?

  • lukethegreat1 -

    Thank You Roman for all of your hard work!!! :) :D

  • Z6J2 -

    can you help me? An unknown guy joined my server and i cant ban him and he gave him OP

    • Z6J2 -

      my server is
      they took over the server but not the console

  • juliandaw -

    i left aternos
    thanks aternos
    but .... you know why ....

  • bulletpr00fcam -

    Roman, you're the one that actually helps me the most, thank you xxx

  • Techyboss70 -

    Why does my server go offline every time I close the server control tab?

  • jcm2239 -

    why does my server keep stopping, its starting to get annoying

  • fabriciopvp007 -

    tomei ban de ainti kb sendo que eu nao loguei pq nao consiguo como que eu fico agr em

  • PotionOfEpicness -

    If Builder's Utilities is available on Aternos, could you give me a link because I can't find it.

  • Tomas_509 -

    Roman, why you deny dbsx modpack.. In there are no modpack's related to dbc... only mod... there is alot of ppl who wants a server.. if you dont believe me come to dbsx's discord server and ask people.. link to modpack -
    Scroll abit down till you see discord.. And ask ppl is you dont believe me :(

  • piecraft -

    hey how do i make my pugins work i install them and they dont work idk how to make them work pls help

  • GunsMan -

    Help, I want to download my world from the server but I do not know where it is saved.

  • Vhouty -

    Excuse me, but how can I add a server version to the modpack?

  • Swelem -

    Hey Roman, you approved my updated request but my server won't update. Are there steps to do like deleting my cache?

  • LeeDarknight -

    you approved a plugin but i cant see it yet still just the old 1.8 version available not the new spigot versions for 1.10 and up. how long does it take to show?

  • NunooSNR -


  • KillerSlovakia -

    [Modpack Request] Software Technic PixelSpark - Pixelmon 1.9
    Start Wrok is easy you are change only one Mod

  • Drchaos666 -

    Roman are you going to add the modpack?

  • Drchaos666 -

    Can you add a Technic modpack? It's the modpack called Dragon Block Super X, It has some essential mods for the Dragon C block. I'm sure you'll like it, please can you add? At least some mods of this modpack Just take the sword art online mod online if you cant get out anyway kkk :), please put this modpack I'm creating a server that needs this modpack! Please, :( We are already building the server and will be in the middle of the time when you need to add the modpack! Be all ok, if it works right, please;

    ; ( ; ( ; ( ; ( ; ( ; ( ; ( ; link :​

  • SecretLemon -

    Can i please atleast have a reason divine journey is denied? Its fairly popular, a good modpack and has server access.

  • cakemanisreal -

    ...I want a REASON why you denied Divine Journey being added into Aternos. You can do Hermitcraft, but not THAT?! I swear, I need a reason why it wasn't added. It's a pretty good modpack on Curse...