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  • oxines - Spigot 1.7/1.8

  • oxines -

    add Spigot 1.7/1.8 ;-;

  • mezo1134 -

    hi i like aternos i have proplem when i start my server it stay a long time and at last close why that happen plz i want help

  • Lucky303 -

    Add MCPE plugins....

  • mastercrafte -


  • StarMade -

    all attachments are corrupted

  • StarMade -

    helping plugins break down

  • StarMade -

    fix plugin all is broken on server no one can play it open new account onda have same problem fix it siteyi

  • sweety9560 -

    hallo ich brauche hilfe bin auf einem anderen server auf ein freund wir haten alles gebaut sind gestorben hatten aber nicht im bett geschlafen und wurden zum spawn geportet wo wir am anfang gestartet haben kannst du uns helfen den Masion hammer grundstein ein herz haus wieder zu finden habe die id nicht ge speichert

    Lg sweety

    kannst mich gerne unter skype sweety9560 anrufen

  • AdamStyleHraje -

    Hello Day, I'd love to add a tnt tag

  • LouGamer13 -

    Hello, I would like to suggest that you provide us with more than one mod and put other mods that are not in the area of choosing the mods.

    • Boat555123 -

      Its not possible for now maybe in the future! and please make a thread about that so everyone can help you

  • SAS_OP -

    Aternos please install HorizonMC-Quantum on yours servers the modpack from Technic The modpack download Link ( Pls answer me .SAS_OP.

  • sweety9560 -

    Andreas hats du eine lösung für mich das ich den server ohne das ich was verliere von der welt das ich weider auf dem serevr was baun kann?

    • Andreas -

      Erstelle bitte einen öffentlichen Thread, sodass jeder dir helfen kann.

  • sweety9560 -

    wie kann ich spieler entbannen der gebant wurde vom server?

  • SebXD2000 -

    Ich habe mal eine frage an dich? wann werden die modpack request immer abgearbeitet ?

    • Andreas -

      Meistens einmal wöchentlich am Wochenende, kann aber auch variieren.

  • xXWitherKingXx -

    Please check out my request:

    • Andreas -

      We will check every suggestion sooner or later, you don't have to remind us.

  • HardStroke -

    can i please get your help?
    i closed my acoount and i need it back
    if this is imposible is there a way to transform world from one server to another server?
    please help me

    • Andreas -

      The username HardStroke already is activated. You can download your world and upload it elsewhere.

  • StarMade -

    help powerRank plugins

  • RaserFrakMCs_ -

    Hello friends, today was on my server and install a plugin for the ranges I walk: D is not difficult to configure if they want to help them just need the plugin LordPermissions I recommend them a lot is for ranges that walk in aternos, I hope you walk: D

    Soy de Argentina xd

  • Glytion01 -

    you have server Andreas? can i enter i know your server is so cool like you

  • Glytion01 -

    Andreas its me Glytion my account Glytion is i forgot the pass :(

  • glytion -

    i love the server because aternos is free

  • glytion -

    Hey! Andreas
    look Great!

  • Hussain90 -

    1 Question
    What does Multipost mean?

  • TishyCat -

    Thank you.For your time I reward you with a pun. If you spill coffee on a shirt, is it still a t-shirt?
    I wish you a happy day.

  • TishyCat -

    So I go over to start my aternos server (I haven't used it in a while) so I need to change the version.I scroll down and click the thing, It loads, and then stops and does nothing.So I just shrug it off knowing I can go back some versions.But my real issue is uploading the world.I get a .zip file of my world, it's below 50 MB, has no unnecessary files (I checked).But my problem is the upload thing not popping up.I press the "Upload/new" button, and nothing happens.So I wait for a little, but still, nothing happens.I use Linux, and other people seem to have no problem so please tell me what is going on.Another issue that I had was with the fourms It wouldn't let me log in, the same issue with all the other buttons, (loads, then stops, then does nothing) so I had to make this account for the sake of making this comment.Another problem is that it won't let me post without selecting a language."That's no problem", I think.But surprise, the button doesn't work in the same was as all the other ones.It actually doesn't load.I look at the bottom corner and it should be saying stuff like "waiting for" but it is not.
    pls help

    • Andreas -

      It pretty much seems like you don't have JavaScript activated in your web browser, or some add-on like NoScript is blocking it, at the same time blocking a lot of core functions our web sites rely on. Make sure JavaScript is activated in your web browser to get the best browsing experience.

  • Skaraa -

    Andreas.When installing mods,is it possible to install more than one mod?

  • liftofff -

    Andreas. I tried launching Project Ozone 2, but it displayed an error. Should I make a thread about this, or did I come to the right place?

  • thansxd -

    Can you help me please?

    • Andreas -

      It depends, if it's that private or not. Usually you can ask for help by creating a public thread, everyone will be able to help you then.

  • harralyne -

    Ich habe jetzt den Server auf Abendteuer Spielmodus geschaltet,aber wenn ich drauf joine bin ich immer noch im gamemode 0.Ich habe auch schon den Server Neu gestartet,aber es bringt nichts.

    • Andreas -

      Ich habe doch gesagt, dass eventuell der Gamemode für bestehende Spieler manuell umgestellt werden muss. Oder die Konfigurationsdatei von Multiverse-Core oder MultiWorld lässt eine forcierte Umstellung zu.