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  • blueboy -

    how do u get to the new thingamob

  • ryangames3 -

    estou criando um serve de minigames e quero colocar sistema de vips ja crei o site mas com eu consigo a pasta do serve

  • dyingplanet13 -

    How would I be able to get Optifine on the server when it's not available on the mods list??

  • Boat555123 -

    Happy Birthday !

  • KevinEdbert -

    Hey FaZeDarkStar i want to ask u something, why do i cant use beta plugin on my server??

  • shakerz5 -

    i want yo join your server is very cool :}

  • shakerz5 -

    what is you server ip:

  • shakerz5 -

    hi all
    i m new

  • RubenBot -

    hey ur comment on groupermslite helped me a lot all tho it took me time ive got my ranks all done

  • Totenwinter -

    HI im new her, my english is not so good ... but i have a question. how can i write in a chat?

  • kittenrave -

    hey, is there anyway to fix this issue, i start a server and then it says stopping 5 minutes later, never gets a chance to start

  • xhusamx -

    hello can you do for me a favor?

  • gekkekoen -

    can you please add groupmanager

  • Elias_111 -

    Can aternos.org add the Flans mod

  • Elias_111 -

    Kann aternos.org die Flans mod hinzufügen

  • Sanslax -

    Are we going to be able to add Single mods yet? Or is it not added in?

  • Amar05 -

    Any one Can help me?

  • Amar05 -


  • MasterDoesGaming -

    Bro I Got A Question Is There A Way To Replace My Player Capacity 10 to like 2000 or 10000 If There Is Way Pls Tell Me
    And Can I Upload My Modpack Pls Answer Both Of This Question

  • Thomvandijen -

    Hi I have a server at yours but I have two questions I have banned myself on my own server and I can not unban via the console and my question is how can I or unban? World Edit and you can have on your server?
    Server ip BouwServerRT.aternos.me

  • CheeseCat509 -

    Hey! Me and my two other friends have been trying to connect to my server. I can access it and one of my other friends can, but the other cannot. This has been happening for almost a month now, can you help?

  • Reaper00X -

    DarkStar,Am I gonna get a confirmation or deny from the team on my modpack suggestions any time soon?

  • TicklePro13 -

    FaZeDarkStar can u please add the mod pack jurassicraft 2.0 pre release 5 to the modpack page its a grate modpack that ofers helicopters minigames and over a hundred dinos it also has stachuse for all the dinos its a grate mod pack and makes other modpacks look like rubish (other dino modpacks) it is so epic and i love dinos so much i think u would get much more populer and have more poeple use ur server maker if u add this mod pack to the mod pack list its also grate for poeple whowant more advansed ways to creat dinos so please add it ill be fore ever grate fall and ill advertize ur server maker thx TicklePro13

  • TheGoldKiller -

    hey dark can you help me with connecting to my server when i put on Modpacks and i'm on the right versions on Minecraft.

  • Nexxen -

    hey Dark can you help me?

  • Nexxen -

    hey Faze :D

  • BarfCreations -

    are you here?

  • BarfCreations -

    Hello!Why you cant add GroupManager in InstallPlugins?

  • PedrotheGamer20 -

    Sorry for my ignorancy :S

  • Pyrocrafter19 -

    please add the modpack ftb infinity evolved and ftb infinity evolved skyblock, they are the harder packs of the three (ftb infinity, ftb infinity evolved, ftb infinity evolved skyblock) and a lot of computers can`t play this packs with good performence, the host by aternos make it playing a lot of easyer and me, my friends and a lot of other people can play with better graphics. this packs is in expert mode: very very hard recepies in german: "rezepte" its hard for me writing in english im a german dude. thanks for reading, Pyrocrafter19.

    • Andreas -

      Please create a thread for that. @FaZeDarkStar is just a Helper, but no Team Member.