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    Hello everyone.

    If you are bored join this server. Just give it one try i think it would be best to you.

    This normally is online for about 4 - 8 hours online / 24 hours

    Its normally always online at 3:00 - 4:00 PM [IST Indonesian Standard Time]

    Rules :

    1. No Swearing

    2. No Begging

    3. No Hacking

    4. No Spawn Killing (Maximum 15 kills / 24 hour)

    Thanks for joining this server.

    Whitelist will be ONLY ON during emergencies. Or when the server is getting botted.

    You can make friends and you can basiclly use the nether glitch to travel thousands of blocks in the overworld using the nether.

    Im keeping every single vanilla aspect of the game to be good and just to make you guys not bored.

    If you are alone. Stay on the server for a while. A few people will join automaticlly. If you have any plugin suggestion make sure to join the discord and suggest them. The owner is strongly inactive. This server is a new server and if you need the Dynamic IP it would be updated every single time the server stops in the messages.

    Make friends! Have fun!

    You can also use the elytra on this server without any problems. There will NOT be any administrators monitoring the server.

    If you want start access here are the steps to get start access :

    1. Ask in chat politely for start access

    2. Ask in general chat politely for start access

    3. You can DM the owner or ping the owner for start access

    4. You can say your aternos name and it would be accepted automaticlly.

    If the owner is offline its probably because its night time here.

    Thread Creation Date : July 18th 2022 9:22 PM [IST]

    Server will restart the world once every single member agrees to restart the server 8)

    Join the discord for announcements! To get the "Technoblade" role you must have "technoblade never dies" sayed in chat or in your description / avatar / name / status

    And in about 10 - 15 hours you should get it depending on if the server owner is active or inactive

    The owner's name is SK17301.

    Hello! Welcome to my server we supports these features :

    1. TPA

    2. SetHome

    3. Plugin Suggestions

    4. Anti Bot

    Server is now available to join

  • Do not join the server yet!

    It is still in the queue state. Tommorow will be the end of the queue

    Do not join the server yet.

    Join the discord for announcement for the server being offline / online.

    Thank you for your listenings.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Links :

    Website :

    You can click on this link to enter the discord server and you can view my website here

    Thank your for your pacience.

    Learn more about queue : [Queue]

    This server queue will last until tommorow when its officialy opened!

  • Server is online and if you cannot join this link might help you.

    I would use the Dyn IP if you cannot join using the main IP.

    Dynamic IP :

    This can only be used for 1 time only! If the server stops then the Dyn IP would reset and change to another one. So every single time you see a message "Server Online" then it would be with the Dyn IP every single time.

    Thanks for joining :)

    If you have any plugin requests please join the discord server.