MCA reborn (Architectury) doesn't seem to be compatible with aternos

  • While trying to set up a server for some friends of mine, I ran repeatedly into an error. This error regards the dependency needed by Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn, Architectury. It, in the process if loading, searches for forge, as expected, but runs into a problem as it suddently says that it only works for 40.14.1 forge, not the 40.1.0 forge available in aternos. There are other higher versions that should be compatible... but they are in 1.19, a version for which this mod isn't updated and which honestly, doesn't have as good and large of a modbase as 1.18/1.18.2. If there is a way to set this up, or any other fix regarding this I would be eternally gratefull, for the moment I'm searching every prev. version of this mod to see if there is one compatible with the available version of forge.

    One last ood thing is the fact that MCA reborn is available for 1.19, but architectury states very clearly that it only works up till 1.18.2, just ood, prob. a discoordination on the modder's part.

    Best regards,