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    We Have :

    -Custom Currencies :

    -Copper Coin

    -Iron Coin

    -Gold Coin

    -Emerald Coin

    -Diamond Coin

    -Netherite Coin

    -Holy Copper Coin

    -Holy Iron Coin

    -Holy Gold Coin

    -Holy Emerald Coin

    -Holy Diamond Coin

    -Holy Netherite Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Copper Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Iron Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Gold Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Emerald Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Diamond Coin

    -Holy Enchanted Netherite Coin

    -Warden Coin

    -Reinforced Warden Coin

    -Zeus Coin

    -Ultimate Coin

    -Bedrock [Unobtainable]

    -Custom Currencies [Currencies From players]

    -Custom Kits:

    -Starter Kit

    -Junior Kit

    -Hold Guard Kit

    -Average Kit

    -Unique Kit

    -Special Kit

    -Master Kit

    -Rare Kit

    -Epic Kit

    -Legendary Kit

    -Mythical Kit

    -Holy Kit

    -Old Gods Kit

    -God Kit

    -Warden Kit

    -Reinforced Warden Kit

    -Zeus Kit

    -Ultimate Kit

    -Custom Kits [Kits from players]

    -Custom Potions:

    -Common HP Potion

    -Rare HP Potion

    -Advanced HP Potion

    -Legendary HP Potion

    -Mythic HP Potion

    -Common Minning Potion

    -Blessed Purify Water

    -Mythic Potion

    -Warden Potion

    -Reinforced Warden Potion

    -Zeus Potion

    -Immortal Potion

    -Custom Escapes:

    -Summoning Escape

    -Ender Pearl


    -Custom Villagers

    -Custom Summon Villager

    -Villagers with different levels

    -Custom Spawners

    -Ultimate Super Fast Spawners

    -Normal Spawners with keys


    -Random Useful items to trade

    -So many items


    -Auto Smelt Ores

    -Auto Cook Foods

    -Auto Smelt Cobble into Stone

    -Auto Smelt Stone into Smooth Stone

    -Auto Smelt Dried Sponge Into Sponge

    -Auto Smelt Raw Copper Block To Copper Block

    -Auto Smelt Raw Iron Block To Iron Block

    -Auto Smelt Raw Gold Block To Gold Block

    -Auto Smelt Logs to Charcoal

    -Auto Smelt Wet Sponge into Sponge


    -Every Radstone

    -Every Rail

    All of the things listed above will be continued...