[1.16.5 - 1.19] PlemixSMP --- Economy💰| Leaderboards🏆| Ranks🏅| Auction House & Shop🛒| Base Protection🚧| CoinFlip 🎰| 👑Clans --- The BEST cracked SMP!

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    1.16 - 1.19


    The PlemixSMP is a free SMP in the beta stage. We made this server about 2 months ago, with a lot of features and no lag! We're looking forward to

    suggestions on how to improve the server! Keep in mind that we won't be adding some of the suggested features, since we might not like some, but don't be discouraged from sharing your ideas on our Discord!


    The PlemixSMP has an extenstive list of features, so we might skip over a few!

    - Ranks

    - Economy (Dollars and Gems [Gems are WIP])

    - Clans

    - Crates

    - Leaderboards

    - Auction House

    - Shop

    - Trading

    - CoinFlip

    - Homes

    - Warps

    - Tpa

    - Jobs

    - Daily, weekly and monthly rewards

    - PvP


    Our server is currently NOT looking for any staff members, however, we do mention when the staff applications are open in our Discord.

    - OWNER Slinkaye | Plugin configurator, founder

    - OWNER WoltClicker | Plugin configurator, support team

    - ADMIN MrFuzzled | Support team, Management team

    - ADMIN MarioSwagg12 | Plugin configurator

    - MOD XtremeCS | Support team

    - MOD ItsDarioTheBest | Support team

    IP: smp.plemix.ga (1.16 - 1.19)