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    Welcome to Isaiahman03SMP We offer not just one but many servers in one hub server.Have you ever wanted to play on a server that has Survival,Creative,Events,Minigames and Rewards well then this is the server for you. We have amazing staff who have worked hard to help our community grow! we have things such asGriefprevention/Home/tpr/Points store for ranksGems to buy ranks What are gems exactly? Gems are rewarded to those who play on the server you earn 8+ Gems per hour you can earn more by participating in our events.Mysteryboxes CratesCreative serverSurvival serverMinigame Events serverHub server/Kits each rank has a kitRanks[Default][Iron][Lapis][Redstone][Gold][Emerald][Diamond][Bedrock][Netherite][Helper][Mod][Jr.Mod][Sr.Mod][Jr,Admin][Admin][Dev][Co-Owner][STAFF][Owner]I would recomend that you join this server because it is a server full of endless possibilitiesIs the server cracked? **No**is the server 1.18.2? **yes**is the server Java? **yes**IP:

    No HackingNo SwearingNo Hate/Discrimination/RacismNo DDos threat/Empty threatNo Staff AbuseNo Hacked clientsNo X-rayNo Sexism/DiscriminationNo Advertising No Leaking/Revealing infoNo Staff Disrespect/Impersonation/Player Disrespect/ImpersonationNo asking for op your answer will be NoNo typing in all caps or spammingNo bypassing FiltersNo Exploits in anyway No BlackMailingNo Weirdo/PervsNo Inapropriate skin/Language of any typeKeep it PG13No lagging/Crashing the server in any wayNo mute/ban evasionNo BotsNo abusing glitchesNo Dupingand Have Fun