WorldBorder SMP | πŸ₯± Tired Of Boring Servers? If so or not, This is the perfect server for you, The World Only Has A 300 BY 300 WorldBorder 😎 | CUSTOM SHOPS πŸ’° | HEAD DROPS | KILL SCOREBOARD | NEW IDEAS πŸ’‘| AND MUCH MORE | JOIN DISCORD FOR A SMALL REWARD

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    Griefing, Stealing, Killing are all allowed.

    Hacking is not allowed.

    No hacking into others account.

    No Duplicating Items, In game currency, etc

    No Using Alt Accounts.

    Don't be rude to staff.

    No lagging the server


    more info -

    Hi, this is not your average smp. In this smp, there is only a 300 by 300 size world border. Player will be able to engage with each other more. There will be no spawn protection whatsoever. In this smp, you are only limited to mine ores that are gold, copper, and coal. However you can get iron and iron by buying it in /shop, or at the shop section located at the middle of the map. The shop will also include a bunch of different trades that will be constantly updated. Keepinventory will always be off. Please enjoy yourselves and feel free to ask any questions as I am only trying to improve the quality of the server.