Join my best city server. Theres 2 Types of it, So read my thread and check the ip for the 2 of them. And also we need more admins to keep tthe server alive and the best server of aternos!!!!

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    Hi guys. Welcome to my City server. This is a long thread that you have to read. Highly recommended to join discord server. U need to join it for importance of story. Also as you can see in my profile, i have been advertisinig my City Server for so long. U need to check the details of my account. Very long story of this city server Finaly bein' told. Dont worry why im Telling this too long, but u do have to check this tread. so ok, im sorry for having the lognest tread. Ok so the first Server IP Is:, Ill Be running 2 Minecrafts to check both of my servers, Its up to you which server ull join. My first server is just a normal city server like SMP, It has a default terrain, with alot of buildings, and ur goal in this city server is to Build ur own houses and show it to Everyone on how good u are at building in minecraft! Plus improve ur skills. Realy a good city seerver, Not gonna lie, Super good server. Best of all. I have been working for it almost like a year, Legit 100% Percent. it has been existing since 2022, and its realy 2023 Rn. Very Old City server, its been a year, its still a smal city server, but yeah will improve to it. The second Server IP is: ITs a flat city server, And i really need you guys to join the Flat city seerver, I started it only now. Its been along time that i didn't start it. The reason why i had the other server is bc My coowner requested that "Hey Rubiks Why dont u use a Default terrain for ur city server instead of a superflat, manualy generatted terrain using worldedit. Plus people can explore more." I did make the server. But som people say that The old flat city server is better, its been like 3 months it was offline, buut the only reason why we were starting it is bc we have som buildings In it that we have to clone onto the new server. The only thing we wanted there is: The same City Build on the old flaat city, But on a new server, The same shape, same buildings, ok to have new buiildings, its still a city server, and we do have alot more buildings. So also since we are Finaly Starting the old flat city again, We need to recopy and paste buildings. So its like whatever we build on this servr, we should copy it onto the server, Vise versa, Or realy not needed bc its justt a city server, we dont need it to be exact. and in the flat city server, we alsdo do make som mountains to make it a real cool City server terrain, its not exaclty flat, its a City server but with the terrain Generated by Humans. Human generated terrain, not by AI, or computer. So i need yall to join, esepecialy my flat city server, and in my flat city server i need online admins. so in the old city server, u can ask admin plz i realy need Admins, u guys can have admins, we do have backup and help me make my 2 Servers alive! So again the ip for the 2 servers are:, Default Latest City server Version., The IP for the flat human generated terrain. Thank yall for joining if u all join. Also plz join dc. Tysm the invite link: Ok so sorry for Too long Thread, but ok, thansk for joining! Everyone join plz, thanks. We also need admins. so thanks to you all who join!!!! <3 :saint: :saint: :saint: Also owner might be afk, I hope yall be fine!!!