NeutralSMP The Most Natural thing you can play right now

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    This SMP does come with some rules that are stated in the discord server.

    Neutral SMP is gonna stand do be a friendly but harsher enviroment.

    We haven't worked on the server too much so expect some bugs for the time being.

    We update something everyday expecting to make it better.

    There are multiple commands such as /trade /spawn /sethome and land claiming.

    Currently Tpa and Message doesen't work because of some permission issues.

    Xray,Hacks,Game breaking Glitches are harshly looked upon it will result in a temp or permanent ban.

    You can get Server Starter by application which is just messaging one of the admins,mods,owners. :aternos-heart:

    Almost all of this is irrelevant because the most important thing is to not cheat! Have fun <3 :saint: