lifesteal with 1.8 pvp (1.19.4 cracked (below versions allowed too))

  • Your server IP
    Discord invite
    Minecraft Edition
    Java Edition
    Supported Version
    1.19.4 and lower

    yes lifesteal smp with 1.8 pvp xray allowed
    max hearts are 250 so u if u want u can become oppest person on the server

    if u want to report a hacker go to discord(get recording or smth, i wont ban a person without proof(i wont play on server alot thats why)) u can get start access there too

    rtp and sethome is there

  • aslvu

    Changed the title of the thread from “lifesteal with 1.8 pvp (1.19.4 cracked)” to “lifesteal with 1.8 pvp (1.19.4 cracked (below versions allowed too))”.