EvansSB (OP-SkyBlock) Need Players and Staff

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    Hi Guys, Today! This is my first post! However I have a 100% configured OP-SkyBlock server, which is taking its path to victory in the Aternos' servers field! Cause, "We are so Overpowered".

    So, the server owners are Boom and Vary

    The Co-Owner is xRaDisH

    The Manager is Lobber
    The Head-Admin is TermaFilms

    The Head-Moderator is Firereaper

    We, as a group of six, made this amazing, most Op'piest server ever!

    Although we lack plugin coding, we have all of 'em configured good and neat!

    We only run nearly 40 plugins so you will get a neat and lag-free experience!

    IMPORTANT NEWS: Boom said: "As we need players, we are gonna hold a giveawat in which 2 players get VIP rank on EvansSB! So well, as VIP rank costs 5$, this giveaway will lose us 10$, however, we are doing this for our players!!! We don't worry for the money! We just care all and only about your experience in the server! That's what we expect from you!"

    So, Join today and win the VIP rank!

    The place on where you need to enter the giveaway is in the discord:


    IP: EvansSB.aternos.ME

    Don't miss the server and join now! :)

    Twitter: EvansCraftMC

    Beta Released! Hurry up, NOW!