[Mod Request] Fayaz's Essentials Mod

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  • Hello Aternos Team,

    can you please add the Mod "Fayaz's Essentials Mod"?

    Link to the mod: https://www.curseforge.com/min…s/fayaz12s-essentials-mod

    Fayaz's Essentials is a mod that adds subtle changes everywhere, A couple of my features were recently announced to be part of 1.17. That is a coincidence, as some even have the same texture (the Glow Berries) even though Mojang and I developed them independently. It essentially adds elements to the game that make it flow better such as dyed roses, more wood type items such as pistons and item frames, and different textures for stone type tools you make. I am working on updating it to 1.16, but it is currently on curseforge as 1.15. I hope to add this mod so I can use it with my friend to record Minecraft videos hosted on aternos.

    Best regards,

    Fayaz (developer)

  • Roman

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