[Mod Request] Immersive Technology, a "branch" of Immersive Tech

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  • Hey hi! I was setting up a server for me and a couple friends, but couldn't find Immersive Technology in the list of mods. You do have Immersive Tech, which is what Immersive Technology is based on, but Technology adds far more stuff than Tech (this is getting confusing).

    Here's a link: https://www.curseforge.com/min…/mct-immersive-technology

    Immersive Tech adds:

    Distiller, produces Distilled Water

    Solar Tower, makes steam from water, needs a Solar Reflector

    Solar Reflector, required for the Tower

    Steam Turbine, uses the produced steam to create power.

    Immersive Technology, on the other hand, adds:

    Advanced Coke Oven, produces coal coke faster than the normal one when paired with a Coke Oven Preheater (see below)

    Alternator, which Tech also has but just kinda lumped in with the Turbine (they're one multiblock in Tech, two in Technology)

    Distiller, same as Tech

    Boiler, makes steam with fuel (requires Biodiesel, an Immersive Petroleum addition)

    Solar Reflector, same as Tech

    Solar Tower, same as Tech

    Steam Turbine, same as Tech but without the Alternator integrated

    Steel Tank, a higher-capacity version of Immersive Engineering's tank

    Cooling Tower, allows steam to condense back into water/distilled water

    Redstone timer, just what it says on the tin

    Coke Oven Preheater, required to speed up the Advanced Coke Oven

    Item/Fluid/Energy Trash Cans, just what it sounds like

    Open Barrel, collects water during rainstorms

    Creative Barrel, an infinite fluid source

    So yeah. Immersive Technology is a huge upgrade over Immersive Tech. Please? :)

  • Roman

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