Generated world does not change if i upload same version but different world, use different seed or completely reset server

  • Hello. So I wanted to create modded server for friend and myself. I used 1.12.2 FTB direwold20 modpack and everything works except BOP. after i noticed all mod works but its vanilla world i used BIOMESOP it worldtype but that didnt change anything. I have same version and pack on my client so I created few singleplayer worlds to find cool seed (tested it again if I copied it right and I did) used that BOP seed with BIOMESOP in worldtype still same world like before. Later i uploaded that save file ( it was just created and I run around for 1 min just to load few cunks. It's 9.74 mb file) and still no BOP. I restarted whole server and used BIOMESOP from start but i still get the same world I did the first time. Not sure what am I doing wrong.

  • Roman

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