I need the plugin variant of the mod Simple Voice Chat to be in the list of available plugins, can someone please help me?

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  • I would like to ask about adding a plugin that is supposed to work with its modded counterpart, Simple Voice Chat, which allows voice to be played within the game, you can still join vanilla servers with it, but will disable itself if neither the mod or the plugin is on the server end, my aternos server is a plugin based server meant for vanilla players but I also wanted to add the plugin for those using the mod to be able to voice, unfortunately I'm unable to use the site to suggest the plugin variant because it deems it to be "not popular enough" or "incompatible", but when suggesting it's modded variant it says it was already added, but I don't wanna go through the effort of converting my plugin based server into a modded server, trying to also keep it compatible with vanilla clients too, can someone please add the plugin variant of the mod?

    Client side mod:

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/min…mc-mods/simple-voice-chat

    This is already in aternos's mod library, a client-side mod that even installed still allows you to join vanilla servers (I've tested it myself), but it disables itself in servers that don't have it

    Available in both Fabric and Forge, cross compatible too (I've tested it with a forge friend when I used fabric)

    Plugin variant:

    Spigot: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simple-voice-chat.93738/


    Bukkit: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/simple-voice-chat

    On the server end it would still allow vanilla players in but without voice access, but those joining with the mod would be able to use voice in the server

  • If the site is telling the plugin isn't popular enough then it just can't be added

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