My server keeps stopping after 1-2 minutes, something about an "Exception ticking world"

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  • Hey, so I made a server with over 70 mods for me and my friends. Everything was going fine for an hour or two, and we even set up camp. However, at one point, the server just stopped.

    Here's the log :

    As you can tell, it's an Ticking world error.

    However I noticed it said something about the pink cherry tree growth being the source of the issue. (Line 3369)
    The game started doing these sudden errors after we placed down pink cherry saplings. Is it possible that the game stops every time one grows? If so, how do I fix it? If not, what might be the root of the issue?

    Thank you in advance :)

    P.S. I attached a list of the mods I use. I got them all from CurseForge.

  • try removing biome o plenty mod

  • I did that, and in console the SereneSeasons mod told me that "Successfully patched ticking chunk error" twice, and I think that might have resolved the issue since the saplings were spreaded out in about 2 chunks, however when I logged into the world, this is what I came to: (See attachments)

    I litterally can't remove the Biomes O' Plenty mod because it breaks the whole game.

    Also, I found this on reddit.
    Someone seems to be having the same problem. Seems like it's a problem with Biomes O' Plenty iteself.

    I'll just wait for an update before planting a sapling again.