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  • idk it says "cant connect" and when i click join it says "failed to verify username". can people playing on cracked join?

    i̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽ iuseturbo ruined your post >:D

  • when im trying to join at the multiplayer screen it says ''Cant connect to server'' and when i join it says ''Failed to request server protocol version'' you guys broke the server after adding new anti cheat plugin (edit: i even tried multiple versions)

  • "Failed to request server protocol version'' (edit: i even tried multiple versions)

    Is the problem with protocollib? there's already -> protocollib before.

    Or that Anticheatreloaded when I remove it?

    But the Anti-Cheat requires the dependency Protocollib to run.


    1) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/anticheatreloaded.23799/

    2) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/

    :) myself DREAMXDLEGEND nice to meet you. :saint:

  • If these issue goes on again i recommend you to use a backup instead:thumbup:

    👋Hi Itz_Gamerz here!!! 😎