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    Java Edition
    Supported Version
    1.7-1.18.2(server running 1.18.1)

    This is our newest server,We are still working on to make it better,Players who joins now are considered "Beta Tester" and will get a "Beta Testers' role in our discord server,Same goes for minecraft server.

    Staff Applications For Now Wont Be A Google Forms,It Will Be A Manual DMS Questionings

    Applications Opened For:



    Our server is legit,And not cheated,Any staff members abusing OP,Report to the server owner or the head of staff,And we will try to ban that player as soon as possible,If we are offline,Then thats a issue.

    There is autosmelt and autocook which makes it easier,But the server difficulty is hard,And this a normal survival server just with shops and economyshop(not sure if it works)

    Our server has:
    Simple Tpa



    You can use enderchest/crafting table without having them placed or in your inventory


    Crafting table:/craft

    Join our discord,Currently its a small server,By the time this thread goes out,There is no members,But later after a few hours or days this server will have members,You can help us by inviting your friends too,Hopefully nobody rage quits when they die to lava or to a player,Its sad to watch them rage.

    If there is staff members in the server,And you see a hacker,Private message them in minecraft,And they will help you,Either they will tp to you or the suspect or just ban them,We wont false bans,We only use the ban hammers if we have enough power of evidences that the player is breaking the rules

    Since server just started,The discord doesnt have rules yet,But the basic rules are:

    1.No toxicity

    2.No hacking

    3.No spamming

    4.Login once you join,Dont do /logout in a middle of a combat,If you get caught,Its a kick

    5.No spawn killing

    6.No begging for items or OP

    7.Be friendly and welcome new players

    8.Dont be shy,We will try to make our community friendly

    9.We will try our best to make the server more fun,You can suggest to us in discord server or our dms

    10.Have fun!

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