Facing some issues with changing packmode on PO3

  • Greetings, Project Ozone 3 is one of your available packs. In case you are not aware, PO3 allows the user to change the difficulty of the modpack using the /packmode command. There are 4 difficulties: Normal, Titan, Kappa and Mythic. The problem is that aternos does not store the selected difficulty after the server shuts down and it always returns back to normal. Any time I want to play the modpack I need to open the server (which means wait for about 10 minutes) type the command /packmode mythic and then restart the server (another 10 minutes). On restart, the packmode is correct, if I decide to close the server though, it will return back to normal. Can this get fixed? In order to change the packmode of the server you literally need to store the \Project Ozone 3 A New Way Forward\config packmode.cfg config file which literally is a file just responsible for the packmode and nothing else (about 150 BYTES in size!). Nothing bad can happen by allowing us to change and store the appropriate packmode.

    Thank you.

  • I thought so.. Would it be hard to overwrite everything but this file? I understand that this would be modpack specific but the solution is pretty simple tbh.. It literally is a 10 word text. I mean it is just frustrating at this point..

    Thank you..