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    Epoch Runner

    A Journey through history.


    This modpack started out as just a collection of mods I threw together for some videos, but has since evolved into a full scale project of mine mostly thanks to all of you! Earlier versions of it were featured in several of my videos, which you can find linked below. If you want to play exactly what was seen in those videos, the early versions of the modpack are still available here.


    Beginning in the Industrial Revolution and ending in the Interstellar Age, this modpack takes you through 4 somewhat historically accurate ages of civilization encompassing the past, present, and potential futur

    A Questbook with 500+ quests serves as your guide and means of progression throughout the pack. As you complete the main quest paths for each age, new items and resources are unlocked for your progression to the next age! Most quests have a Loot Chest as their reward allowing you to receive a random item ranging from Dirt to Draconium in valuableness.

    Every few nights an invasion will spawn consisting of a horde of mobs bent on destroying you and your house so make sure to setup some defenses! This feature is still a WIP. Very rarely a Bloodmoon will occur preventing you from sleeping and increasing mob spawns several fold. You best hope that a Bloodmoon and invasion don't coincide unless your base is armed and ready with CPDS Turrets and Shield Generators!

    World Generation & Environment

    In addition to dozens of new biomes from Biomes'O Plenty, you can find over 100 new structures generated randomly around your world ranging from cottages in the woods to aircraft carriers armed to the teeth. Be wary of seemingly abandoned structures as many contain hidden mob spawners - usually those also containing loot chests. Some biomes are hazardous due to high radiation levels and should be avoided if possible.

    To remain alive and healthy, you'll need to eat a balanced diet of food containing 5 different nutrients along with staying hydrated. You'll also need to manage your temperature to ensure you don't overheat or freeze to death. Extremely hot or cold biomes are best avoided until you have some form of temperature control. However, with the addition of seasons, temperature will be of concern virtually anywhere for at least part of the year.

    Your environment can quickly become destroyed due to extreme weather and various forms of pollution if you aren't careful. Weather Deflectors are essential if you plan to live above ground especially close to an ocean. If you plan burning a lot of solid or liquid fuel for power generation you better be ready with some carbon and sulfur filtering on hand. Carrying around lots of radioactive material, letting your nuclear reactor meltdown, and/ore detonating a thermonuclear bomb near your house is not advisable.

    Age Breakdown

    The modpack contains four major time periods or Ages; The Industrial Revolution, the Nuclear Age, the Space Age, and the Interstellar Age. Each time period mainly focuses on a few mods while building off of whatever came before it.

    Welcome to your doo- er, I mean, Journey Beyond the Abyss!

    This pack is a semi-hardcore modpack focused on immersion! Your journey begins when you find yourself stuck on top of a sandbar in the middle of an unknown ocean next to a seemingly bottomless trench and a strange platform.

    As you reveal more of the story, you soon discover the dark secret the Abyss holds. As you progress and explore your surroundings, you will discover a plethora of islands, dungeons, underwater cities, and even ghost ships, along with a few easter eggs left by the sneaky developers.

    The pack uses a progression system that consists of Game Stages, Custom NPCs, and FTB quests that force the player to keep to the story to get through the pack. Just about every recipe has been changed to ensure the pack gets progressively harder and more complex as more mods become unlocked.

    During your adventure, you will come across many deadly adversaries, be in microscopic viruses that infect you or incredibly strong monsters. On top of this, the player must also worry about temperature and weight, both of which can prove to be just as deadly if left unchecked.

    Unlike most hardcore modpacks, every progression point is set up like a puzzle, requiring players to stray from the quest book and find alternatives to getting resources versus the lazy and hard way. There are plenty of efficient recipes that either hide or unlock as you go through the world but so long as you look, you will find a solution.

    The pack is divided into 13 chapters, each chapter containing its own unique challenges and milestones. With each chapter unlocked, they add more layers of difficulty and complexity, such as various kinds of mobs spawning naturally, to recipes that require redesigning your base.

    After reading all that, you might think that this pack was made for experienced players, but the pack itself is structured for any kind of player, both new or old. So long as you can think outside the box, you can do wonders!

    My atternos server charesh when I try to run Sevtech:ages of the sky. Think it's something to do with the world, but the error message is "Fatally missing Regestry entries". help