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    Try using Forge instead of Mohist since Forge is more reliable

    And if that doesnt work you might wanna remove oldguns mod and Better Village. But most prob Mohist is the problem

    firstly the owner have been hacked secondly the admin banned me

    Ask the owner to ip-ban the hacker who is using the owner's account to join. This way the real owner can still join but the hacker would be banned. Easy

    (Ask owner to use the aternos console.)

    First of all-LMAO HOW????

    Contact the owner of the server and ask him to unban your username.
    You might have been banned accidentally by some stupid plugins. Or some

    idiot who has OP has banned you. Anyhow you have two options.
    1. Contact the server owner or some server admin and ask them to unban you.
    2. Join in an alt account and ask in chat to the admin or mod to unban you.

    /pardon <username> to unban

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    Guys help me. Whenever i try to join a aternos server, it would load and after loading terrain screen, i join the server and the world would not load and i would be timed out after 20 sec. I tried logging in again and same error. My internet connectivity is good too. Still the same error whenever i try to join aternos server. When i join other servers(Like mineland or herobrine org) its fine and i play without any trouble. Pls help i really wanna join you guys' SMPs :(