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    I had the problem that I got the warning despite deactivated adblocker. The steps from the support and from various posts have not helped.

    1.0 Follow the steps from the support (…ou-are-using-an-adblocker)

    2.0 Use another browser (e.g. Edge) without add-ons.

    2.1 If the error persists there: Check your anti-virus and your internet connection again.

    2.3 Try to open Aternos on another device in your network (e.g. Smartphone / Tablet) to exclude webfilters

    2.2 Do you see ads on other pages?

    2.3 Are you using any other software? (AdGuard, PiHole, ...)

    2.4 Change your DNS to / / /

    3.0 Add-ons

    3.1 Check if your add-ons are allowed to access private tabs, if yes: remove the permission.

    3.2 Open Aternos in your default browser in the private tab, if you see ads everything works fine and you can coninue

    3.3 Reauthorize add-ons one by one, refresh Aternos with CTRL+F5 (Important: not only F5)

    3.4 If you don't see any ads you have found the add-on that causes problems: Try to deactivate it for Aternos.

    3.5 For me it was the add-on "I Don't care about cookies".

    Please share your solution if you found others.

    Maybe the mods can leave this post open.