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    Hello! Yesterday, I started a Pixelmon server (with Xaero's Minimap) with my cousin and we experienced pretty much no problems at all. The server was running perfectly smoothly aside from a few delays in the chunk loading, but they weren't that bad. However, when I tried to log in today, I was constantly being disconnected after a few seconds. It kept saying that my connection was reset by peer, so I tried restarting the server but it kept doing something similar.

    Eventually, the server let me join but I was experiencing some major lag. As in, every action I had like breaking blocks or sending out Pokemon took a delayed 5+ seconds to actually execute. This made the server basically unplayable for me. Based on my research, there were a few things I tried.

    1) I tried deleting my player file. All this did was delete my inventory lol. The problem disconnecting problem went away temporarily but the lag persisted. Eventually, the disconnection problems returned, though to a lesser degree.

    2) I tried connecting using the DYN IP and the problems still persisted.

    3) I checked the mods in the Aternos World File and the ones in my mods folder and they were exactly the same with the exception of Optifine, which isn't available but I imagine this isn't what's causing the problem.

    4) I saw a single post that spoke about how they connected to their phone's hotspot and things ran perfectly fine. I did the same thing and came to the same result. Initially, I thought this was a problem with my internet but I was able to connect to plenty of other servers with no issues at all. In the same version (including all the mods) I was able to play on servers like Cubecraft perfectly fine.

    5) To support that, I also tried connecting to other Aternos servers. I had already been experiencing problems with Aternos servers for the previous days, but not quite like this. My cousins and I have a 1.18 Vanilla SMP and most of the time, when I try to connect, I'm just floating in the void with my inventory empty. My character is there in game as other players are able to see it, but it does not take any knockback and just floats there, so I'm unsure if these problems are related.

    I've done a lot of research and I can't find a solid solution. If it helps, I use a MacBook Air and I live in the Philippines. I know people in Asia have had problems in the past, but I've never experienced something to this extent. We created the server at around 1:00am our time and I tried logging in at around 3:00pm today.