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    I feel that Aternos itself should allow its entire community to be able to edit the config files of modpacks for reasons of enabling or disabling settings within servers files so they can do more stuff or have things their way. Such as things like if you want to enable in a modpack that has astral sorcery to allow your level to cap at 100 instead of 30. Everytime you restart a server these config settings are always reset and never stays to what you put them as. If this is allowed in the future i feel Aternos should add an extensive system within the Aternos server side panels and add a new one called "Developers", this new developers tab will have settings you can physically change to your comforts within the modpack of your choice so you can play and do things using YOUR IDEAS. So blow this post up and ask Aternos for this new feature it will allow us to do more have more and play modpacks to our liking instead of following the modpacks desire Aternos is keeping.