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    Say good bye to your server then lol. If you really have something that makes your server run 24/7 it'll get detected and you'll get banned therefore losing your server.

    You should really think about it twice before doing that.

    bro when i ment afk bot just get your account to afk or smth whilst doing studies or maths studies or idk work of somesort so whilst players come on they see someone is online always make a group/team for when u do /afk so itll show in the tablist and im pretty sure that isnt against aternos

    How Can I Make My Server Always Online If U Have Any Information About It Please Message Me,Also How Can I Make My Server Grow?

    plugins arent useally the main thing its usally the people ect box servers for example are gaining HUGE popularity because as a example my box server normally pulls in like 10 - 30 players daily and keeping up with what the vibe is going around is how i normally get players make a hub or smth and make many different gamemodes ect, pvp survival op survival boxpvp ect they normally gain HUGE popularity in the upcoming and they are GODLY and they are good fun to bring in players

    to make a aternos server always online buy a bot so they work and you dont have to worry :)