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    So I'm trying to connect with my Java 1.18.1 Client with my Windows 10 Pc on my Bedrock Server. When I connect via IP (, the error is: "connection timed out: no further information"

    via DynIP ( it says the same.

    I tried also connecting the developer Version of the Launcher (1.18.2-pre3) but the same error again


    I'm currently playing on a Bedrock Aternos server with friends on mobile, but I'd rather play on my PC because I like the controls more, so instead of playing on mobile, I need a Minecraft launcher that lets me play on the Aternos server for free.

    I currently own Minecraft Java for Windows 10 and Minecraft PE for iOS but I can't access the server with either, does anyone know of a cracked launcher that can help me?

    Tlauncher is as far as I know only for the Java version.

    I have already tried the Minecraft Bedrock Launcher (, but it keeps giving me error messages. In addition, I have thought about an iOS emulator since I bought Minecraft on the iPhone, but there is no suitable one.