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    There's no specific required download count for a mod or plugin, it's case by case decision that takes many different factors into account, not only downloads.

    that's not what im saying, the suggestion submission page doesn't even give the mod or plugin a chance if its not popular enough, and it doesn't tell us how popular it needs to be, we need a clearly stated standard benchmark to be set for popularity, so that way there is less guess work on the submitter's as to how popular it needs to be to get it considered for approval. in my case, i have the two sister mods of the mod that im trying to suggest on my server, it does the exact same thing as its sister mods, but just to a separate set of items/blocks (its the variant (x) mod set by xanthian) but im unable to submit it because of the low download number, which means im stuck in terms of progression until i can submit it, and i have no idea how long it will take or what i need to aim for

    ive been trying to suggest the variant sticks and stuff mod for over a month so i can add it to my server, but it always says "not popular enough". as of writing this, it has 4,392 downloads on curseforge. its so annoying for it to say "not popular enough" everytime i try, as it means i have to wait more to do what i want to use the mod for. can you please make it so theres an actual baseline for the amount of downloads needed and maybe even an actual stated amount of time instead of letting random number generators decide the fate of a mod or plugin??? that way we know what we're aiming for to be able to suggest it.

    i sugest somewhere around 5000 downloads and a month old.