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    Hi, im Andrea, and when i'm try to open my server whit fabric(0.14.4) 1.18.1 with Immersive Portals 1.18.1, Aternos say to me "Crash", and in the log it's write "- Mod 'Immersive Portals' (immersive_portals) 1.1.2 requires version 0.28.1 or later of fabric, which is missing! "

    But in the Software section there isn't Fabric 0.28.1, what can i do? :aternos: :?: :/

    I can download the Immersive Portals mod with old version for an old version of Fabric? :?:

    Hi, i'm trying to download the server folder to create a plugin using the spigot.yml file in the server folder, how can i download the server folder or create a plugin whitout the server folder, and insert the plugin here? (excuse me for the english, im Italian ) :aternos: :)