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    Ok so i had forge 1.18.2 in the past but i had the same issue so i drawback to 1.18.1

    Now i returned back to 1.18.2 but isntead of using the recommending one i use the latest one (which i beleive is beta and unstable) and the issue was fixed! Thank you so much for your help

    Yup it's origin, tho is there any way to actually run it without crashing? I mean this is the mod that made the server 10 times more fun and my friend isn't having this issue

    or at least do you know any alternative?

    Thanks for helping

    I misscalculated mods number, it's only 15 and i tried uninstalling controlable and tl_skin_capes but the issue still occurs (mostly when i teleport from area to anther area with xaeros or enderpearls)

    I lowered all graphic settigns to lowest but still no fix

    Uninstalled all resource packs i had, still happens, and yes i tried restarting minecraft

    I dont' think my computer can't handle mods, specially due to the fact that i can run a server without any crash errors on offline mod

    btw in aternos page it says that server ram is 2600 and TPS is 20, should i try removing heavy mods (aka create) to try lower stress on server or this is a dumb idea cuz the issue is client sided? or perhaps want me to try removing specific mods that can be causing the issue?

    And thank you so much for your time, i appreciate it

    I thought you were saying modpacks, sorry :P

    I have Ryan's 32X Lower Fire 1.14+, default, mod resources

    In case you want the aviable mods (which aren't in use) Copper legacy pack, fresh animations 1.6.1, quark programmer art, xray ultimate 1.18, programmer art

    I have a modded aternos server with about 21 mods, my client keeps crashing like twice each five minutes, i can rejion but it's becoming super annoying

    There are multiple exceptions that keeps getting repeated frequently like "Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: invalid distance too far back"

    How can i fix that?