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    Hello my players get kicked every 5 minutes for timed out...

    I have enough ram but 49 plugins I know thats much but I have enough ram/storage

    Pls help Me :)

    -Daksh :aternos:

    Ich Suche ein Plugin, mit dem leute an einer bestimmten Stelle spawnen lassen kann wenn sie zum ersten mal den Server joinen.

    Wenn Sie den 2 mal den server joinen dann solltet sie dort spawnen wo sie als letztes waren

    Also nicht bei jedem join bei spawn joinen nur einmal :)

    can someone help me my server crashed because i installed the plugins purechat und purperm and im Making a citybuild server and I need these plugins can a team from aternos help me ?

    And here my log

    Pocketmine server log [#Nlwb5a0] -

    And here real log

    2022-05-19 [19:05:44.363] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: ReflectionException: "Class "_64FF00\PureChat\PPGroupChangedEvent" does not exist" (-1) in "pmsrc/src/plugin/PluginManager" at line 522 --- Stack trace --- #0 pmsrc/src/plugin/PluginManager(522): ReflectionClass->__construct(string[36] _64FF00\PureChat\PPGroupChangedEvent) #1 pmsrc/src/plugin/PluginManager(544): pocketmine\plugin\PluginManager->getEventsHandledBy(object ReflectionMethod#28089) #2 plugins/PureChat.phar/src/_64FF00/PureChat/PureChat(54): pocketmine\plugin\PluginManager->registerEvents(object _64FF00\PureChat\PCListener#28097, object _64FF00\PureChat\PureChat#25126) #3 pmsrc/src/plugin/PluginBase(137): _64FF00\PureChat\PureChat->onEnable() #4 pmsrc/src/plugin/PluginManager(445): pocketmine\plugin\PluginBase->onEnableStateChange(true) #5 pmsrc/src/Server(1386): pocketmine\plugin\PluginManager->enablePlugin(object _64FF00\PureChat\PureChat#25126) #6 pmsrc/src/Server(1012): pocketmine\Server->enablePlugins(object pocketmine\plugin\PluginEnableOrder#24918) #7 pmsrc/src/PocketMine(304): pocketmine\Server->__construct(object BaseClassLoader#3, object pocketmine\utils\MainLogger#2, string[8] /server/, string[16] /server/plugins/) #8 pmsrc/src/PocketMine(327): pocketmine\server() #9 pmsrc(11): require(string[45] phar:///server/server.phar/src/PocketMine.php) --- End of exception information --- 2022-05-19 [19:05:44.364] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: An unrecoverable error has occurred and the server has crashed. Creating a crash dump 2022-05-19 [19:05:44.373] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: Please upload the "/server/crashdumps/Thu_May_19-19.05.44-CEST_2022.log" file to the Crash Archive and submit the link to the Bug Reporting page. Give as much info as you can. 2022-05-19 [19:05:44.374] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: Forcing server shutdown