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    I tried to reinstall the modpacks several times, both from one version to another (such as 8.4.2 to 9.0.0) and straight from uninstalled. This somehow did not work client-sided. I tried uninstalling and installing aternos to see if the game would work, but this did not solve anything related to server-sided. I'm not sure what the vanilla version would have to do to solve anything

    So I've tried to join my server on the new updated version of Pixelmon, but it won't work. I also have some friends and I also saw some people who have the very same issue. Everytime it would say "An exisiting connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". I'm pretty sure this is an issue with either the modpack(as it's still in beta) or with the website. If it's something with the modpack, then can you guys please change the version back to 8.4.2?