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    The reason I'm doing this is because there is a togglable UI element that tells you if you are currently wearing the backpack or not so you don't have to go to 3rd person to check yourself. This is fine and dandy, but I have another Addon called Thirst Bar by mind.sh4ke and as the name suggests, it adds a thirst bar and a whole slew of other related features.

    BUT, the problem here is that the thirst bar UI wants to insert itself into the same place as the True BackPack's UI element that I described earlier. This causes issues with Minecraft, as the 2 addons will now fight to the death on who gets the spot instead of them peacefully coexisting. I value the Thirst Bar's UI elements more than Ture Packpack's UI elements, so I made sure that Aternos will load Thirst Bar's BP and RP first, thus allowing Thrist Bar to take the spot.

    However, if True Backpack is loaded second, it will throw a hissy fit and throw the word "Backpack_true" smack dab on the middle of the screen and it will remain there for the rest of time. The only way to fix this is to go into the BP's settings and manually turn it off as shown above. The only problem is that I have no idea how to access the BP's settings in Aternos and that is my problem.

    Sorry if this makes no sense-- I'll clarify and add pictures if what I wrote just sounds like chicken scratch lol

    I'm sorry, but that's not the part I have issues with. I'm aware on how to upload BPs and RPs to the aternos server, but I'm not sure how I can edit any behavior pack's custom settings once it's uploaded to Aternos. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please read the post's description for an example of how you would normally go about doing this process.

    Also, I love The Amazing World of Gumball

    Your PNG is broken, but have you tried giving your friend a dynamic ID instead of the normal one? You can do this by starting your server, then clicking the blue "i" button right above the button used to start/stop your server. Then, find the "Dyn IP" option and tell your friend to use the Dyn IP in place of the regular one. Just know that the Dyn IP will change every time you boot up your server!

    I'm reposting this because it's been almost 2 weeks with no response. Without any further ado...

    Basically, I want to be able to add a specific add-on to an addon-filled aternos server I'm making to play with friends. However, 2 of the add-ons I have conflicts with each other due to both of them wanting to edit the same UI space. This causes the word "backpack_true" to be right in the smack dab middle of the screen for the entirety of your time there. In order to circumnavigate this, the add-on add-ons allow you to turn it off their custom UI for compatibility reasons. However, this option only appears when you go to the behavior pack's custom settings on use a slider to disable it there.

    How you would normally do this is simple:

    First you would open up Minecraft and edit the world with the behavior pack in question activated.

    Then, you would click on the behavior pack in order to see what options you have for the behavior pack. Normally the only options you would have is to either deactivate the BP or (if you have multiple activated BPs) to increase/decrease the BP's priority. But if the BP's creator allow for it, you would see a 3rd setting: a gear.


    After clicking the gear, a menu shows up and you're able to adjust the behavior pack's settings to your liking.


    I would like to do this process on Aternos, but I don't have the slightest idea as to how. Does anyone know?

    Basically, I want to use the Block-Geo Fixer in order to repair functionality to a few mods I'd like to server host. However, during the installation instructions, it's required for Block-Geo Fixer to be "On Top of Every Resource Pack" in order to work properly. That probably means that this mod has to take priority over all the other packs used in the server... and I have no idea how to make this a reality on Aternos. Does anyone have any ideas?