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    I tried this out last night with my wife and I. I was on a computer with Java and she was on a tablet with bedrock and it worked pretty well. After about 2 hours of both being on the same server I only had two instances where it seemed to lag. Both were about a second long. 2 seconds out of 2 hours isn't bad considering the setup. Thank you for that. I am curious how it will go as we add more people.

    I did notice that the GeyserMC plugin showed compatibility with version 1.19.0, but the button to install was not green like most of the other plugins when they are green to indicate compatibility with the installed version of MC. It was just the standard black button to install. That threw me for a moment and caused me to double-check my version and the GeyserMC version. I went ahead and did the install and it worked like a charm. No extra configs needed - just jotted down the server info and handed it to my wife, found the place to enter it in multiplayer and we were in.

    I want to set up a little server to play with the family. They are on various platforms from Mac and Windows Java, to PS4, iOS and Android phones.

    I saw Geyser and it looks like it will support us playing the latest version of Minecraft across all these platforms.

    But how does it really run? What tips do you have to make things easier?

    For example, I am guessing some plugins may work OK, but maybe not any mods since they need to be loaded on both server and client?

    Can I make a custom world in World Painter, import it, add World Edit and paste in some structures that others have made, then add Geyser and share the URL to my family and have them see the custom world I made?

    I am using Biomes O Plenty and Journey Map now - but I have a feeling they won't work in a Geyser world because:
    1 - They don't support the latest version of Minecraft (which Geyser requires)

    2 - They are Mods - which means they need to be on both the client and server - not possible on some platforms?

    What about texture packs? Will they work cross platform with Geyser?

    How many people can I expect to play concurrently before seeing lag? We would likely only have 3-5 people on at once, ever. Is that reasonable?

    Thanks for any tips!