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    Hello dear Aternos Team,

    I love your servers and I play a lot on them. But do you know what would make the aternos experience even better? I will tell you.

    Therres a simple mod out there....Its called the GraveStone Mod

    When a player dies his grave with all his items will appear. It can be broken and the items can be gathered up again.

    I know that there is already a plugin with the same function but its not for the 1.12.2

    This mod instead is.

    I hope this will be read soon.

    Heres the link:

    Have a nice day (or depends)and thank you for your attention!

    Yours sincerely ;) ImPinguu.

    Hey kann man seinen server dauerhaft online lassen auch wenn (natürlich über nacht) niemand darauf spielt? Es ist verdammt nervig jedes mal so lange zu warten bisder server startet also...