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    When I try to use this command:

    /tp @s -84 4 252

    on a command block, it simply wont do anything. I set the command block to make an output log, but it comes up with nothing. I also looked at the server log and nothing was there about the command block doing anything, not even an error. It was an impulse, unconditional, needs redstone command block being delivered power through a stone button with 1 block in between the button and the command block. I'm running Forge version 36.2.35 on Minecraft Release 1.16.5, with 2 mods installed, that being Splatcraft 2.3.2 for Minecraft Release 1.16.5, and Obfuscate 0.6.3 for Minecraft Release 1.16.5. Any help to get the command blocks working is appreciated.