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    Hello, I am the owner of a Minecraft Earth server. We use the 1:4500 Earth size format.

    And for my entire time with Aternos, this has caused a massive issue.

    Initially, when we uploaded the world, it would fail to generate A LOT of chunks properly, completely replacing them with water or naturally generating other land in its place. Which was a massive issue and we constantly had to reload the world to find the most desirably generated one, although there was no way to avoid it.

    Now, when we upload the world, it uploads perfectly with all the chunks. Although, when the server first gets stopped and started again, it will repeat the same chunk issue. Although, it appears to be that edited chunks do not get affected.

    This world loads perfectly fine on a singleplayer world, and I have tried loading it on singleplayer first and uploading it into Aternos, that still doesn't solve the issue.

    For extra information, my server is a 1.18.1 PaperMC server running a 1.17.1 1:4500 Minecraft Earth world. (The difference in versions has nothing to do with it as I can load that world on 1.19 on singleplayer). We currently have 14 plugins (although I doubt any of them is the cause of this.)

    I really don't want to manually edit every single chunk when I start up the world, so does anybody have any solutions to this?