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    Hi :aternos: team!

    The new player management menu is great, however I'd like you to add some features.

    • Managing player items (moving them around their inventory, adding, removing) - lets admin remove some potentially illegal items when player is offline
    • Setting hunger/heal amount to X instead of killing/starving/setting to 20
    • Advancements! Reading world/advancements/player.json file is a bit hard, this would also be very nice
    • Last joined/left (pretty obvious)
    • Changing player's XP

    Thanks for making aternos free forever! (It's better than some paid hosts)

    Hello aternos team. I was doing some research today and I found this engine: PurpurMC. It is fork of PaperMC so plugins for paper/spigot/bukkit work here but it has more configuration options and is better optimised. Can you please look at this and add this on aternos as a better engine?