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    I tried using the genesis mod, an add-on for origins, and I got all dependencies for origins, and the only dependency for genesis is origins and its dependencies. When I tried to launch the server it gave me an error and sent me a crash report. If anyone knows what to look for and could tell me whether there is a way to fix it or if genesis just doesn't work on Aternos and I need to delete it I would very much appreciate it. I put the whole crash report below:

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----


    So I was creating a new server on forge 1.17.1 and tried to add some mods to my mod list, I don't think what mod it was specifically since I tried adding three different mods that I've used before on aternos. So anyways I tried to download them and it says
    No compatible versions found.
    I think oh it must be this mod and try another.
    No compatible versions found.
    I think ok... how about this one
    No compatible versions found.
    Then I try deleting a mod that was already in my folder and reinstalling it
    No compatible versions found.

    I have tried a few different solutions but none of them worked.
    Can anyone help me with this?