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    With the mods we have installed, we've noticed that when in F5 mode, the animations are swapped, and with certain armor, the players body will go invisible. When one player crouches or punches, the other will do the same, without them actually doing it. In first person it doesn't occur. It will occur with any other animations too. Here's a streamable link to see the glitch

    Me and my friends have started a server, and we can't all join, without getting kicked with it saying "Illegal packet received, terminating connection."
    Version 1.19.2, Forge- 43.2.0


    Just Enough Items

    Moonlight Lib


    Alex's Mobs

    Applied Energistics 2
    Architectury API

    Camera Mod
    Carry On

    Charging Gadgets
    Chisels & Bits


    Cloth Config
    CoFH Core
    Compact Machines
    Cucumber Library
    Decorative Blocks

    Flux Networks
    Immersive Engineering
    Industrial Foregoing
    Iron Jetpacks
    Macaw's Bridges, Doors, Fences, Walls, Roofs, Trapdoors, Windows
    MCA Reborn

    Mekanism Generators
    Mekanism Tools

    Moving Elevators
    MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod
    MrCrayfish's Gun Mod



    Security Craft

    SuperMartijn642's Config Lib

    SuperMartijn642's Core Lib

    Thermal Expansion

    Thermal Foundation


    Traveler's Backpack