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    The Original Minecraft Factions Server IN ATERNOS

    We made Factions in ATERNOS! The Factions plugin developer is our server owner. On RevelationCraft you always play in the latest development version of Factions with unreleased features available on no other server.

    Player Driven Economy

    RevelationCraft is home to one of the only true capitalistic economies in the Minecraft universe! Players buy and sell their goods and services to other players, instead of using an admin shop. Supply and demand drive our economy, not the prices set by the server staff. Players can build chest shops to hold their goods, and set custom buy and sell prices. Our forums have a marketplace and auction house for the sale of land, houses, or rare items. RevelationMoney, our custom money plugin, allows us to prevent inflation and look at the daily changes in the economy. Want to make money without dealing with other players? You can kill mobs, complete quests, or vote to make money!

    Over 40 Custom Plugins

    Not only have we developed the Factions plugin, we have also developed dozens of other custom plugins! Want to protect your items and share them only with your friends? Or maybe you want to travel the world, doing good deeds, and making a profit in the meantime?