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    You should be able to update your server with no problem when the new update comes out. If you're afraid something breaks you can always do a backup of your 1.19.3 world before updating. The new biomes usually spawn on chunks that haven't been generated yet so it won't grief your already existing world.
    I hope this helped!

    Me and my brother are playing in a server with some friends and suddenly we got timed out and couldn't log in anymore. We tried restarting our rooters even thought the internet is working fine and we can join other servers. Our friends can enter the server with no problem. I've tried deleting both our player datas but we still can't get in. We log in the server but the world doesnt load and we get kicked out. I don't know if it is something to do with our IPs but we have no IPs banned in the server. What could be causing this?