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    So basically I reset the end because my generation was garbage, with barley any end cities. I reset the end by deleting the DIM1 file and then starting the server.

    but once I went back to the end, I saw that the crystals on the end towers were back, but the end dragon and the portal back to the overworld are missing. How do I fix this so I can get back to the overworld?

    Hello, I created a new bedrock server on aternos, and I'm intending to play on the server using TLaucnher.

    I cannot join this server, whenever I put in the server address in direct connect (TLaucnher) it tells me to add the port to the address. When I add the port and try to connect, it tells me "Connection Refused: No further information"
    I have also tried using the Dyn IP with the port added to try to connect but met with the same problem
    I also have cracked enabled in options

    How do I fix? My java server works fine but I need bedrock so I can play with a friend on PS4