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    Hi Aternos Team!
    I noticed someone requested this mod a long time ago. But I wanted to request it again to maybe see if it'll finally be added?
    Mod Link:

    For a refresher, the mod adds really cool talents for wolves spicing them up. Helps make them so much more fun and useful! For example it adds multiple improvements on how they attack or if they attack at all! Adds cute fashionable collars as well! My friend and I have really been wanting to play this mod together and we love using your servers. So it would be greatly appreciated if you consider adding it or add it.

    Please and thank you,

    CrazyGurl37 ^^<3

    Hi, my friend and I really want to play MCA (Minecraft Comes Alive) but its very glitched. When we first spawn in and try to marry each other it say we're both already married, when we arent. Then when we tried to spawn in a villager and it crashed our game completely. Is this the server or the mod? Is there a way to fix it?

    Hi! So My Friends and I have been having a hard time logging into our server. This just recently started happening, we've NEVER had this problem before. The problem is we hit Connect and it'll log us in but then immediately kick us for various reasons, a different one each try. It takes us multiple tries and if we are lucky it'll let us play. :?: Please help!

    ALSO: Most of the time we cant join if someone else is already on. It'll take MANY tries.

    Hello, I was wondering how or if it is possible to allow un-opted people to modify the world. I just need someone on my server to be un-opted but still be able to do everything else. Is it a command? Something I have to get? Please explain throughly! :) :/:?:

    So I've been having trouble getting the Vampire plugin to work. Its one of the few plugins i always play with and I've gotten it to work with my other plugins, but it suddenly stopped working. I've taken every other plugin out of my files and it still doesn't work. In game, ill do the /plugins command and it doesn't even show up. In the Files tab, it'll show the .jar but nothing else. Is it broken? Is there something Im missing? (The other plugins I use are, Player Vaults, SlimeFun, Slime Xpansion, SlimeFun Ores, and Marriage Master. But as I've said, its worked once before with the same plugins.) :(:?::/:S