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    You sadly can't change this. This system is in place to make sure the resources available are used as efficiently as possible. If you are just afk, the resources (ram, cpu cores etc.) could way better be used to run a server of someone who is actively playing and thus gets more joy out of the same resources. Because ram doesn't grow on trees, there ahs to be some management on this.

    My Aternos username is JdeWit. Also, sadly I didn't do a backup in between, because that would make me stop my server, to wait in the queue again. Maybe an option to do a "backup restart" would be nice, where the server would restart, but while it is restarting it would automagically make a backup, without forcing you back into the queue.

    This means that the server can't keep up with all the activity. This can be caused by loading in chunks too fast, having too many entities and multiple less obvious reasons. Also if you're using 1.13, it can be more intensive on the server, causing it to fall behind faster than on other versions.

    When our 1.13.2 server crashed, it rolled back about three hours. It crashed around 21:40 GMT or 22:40 Netherlands time. Even though multiple times, the server said it had saved the world, it still rolled back to the state it was three hours before. Also, we had restarted in between, but that also didn't influence the state to which it rolled back. Is there a way to recover the state it was shortly before the crash by recovering one of the saves the server did, or not? The server most likely crashed because it was overloaded, which it does more often, (I know 1.13 is laggy and can cause this) but most of the times it doesn't role back. In advance, thanks for your help.

    I have a server with some of my friends, except there is one slight problem I'm having currently. whenever I am not online (it is my account) and one of my friends wants to open the server, they have to be able to login to my account, which gives them acces to not only starting the server. Because of this I was wondering wether it was possible to give someone permission to start the server, without giving them acces to all the other stuff, such as the console. Possibly throug a seperate page, where they have to login with a seperate pass, because althoug I thrust my friends that they won't completely ruin the server, I don't like them having full control over cheats. So, is this possible to add in any way?

    I did search, although pretty much all other posts I found were about it shutting down directly after startup or had mods on their server. I guess next time I'll spend more time searching then. Also I found out 1.13 was quite laggy, but I find it crashing with just 2 players online quite weird. Is there a plugin or anything that somewhat optimizes the game or am I just stuck with a laggy version of the game until mojang fixes it?

    Anyways, thanks for your response.

    I recently updated my server to 1.13.2 and since then, for some reason the server lags like crazy, and also, multiple times per hour just kicks everyone with the message "connection timed out" and immediately shuts down. This is very annoying because 1. If it happens while I have left, but my friend is still on, he can't restart it unless I give him the password, which i'd rather not, and 2. It sends me back into the queue to be able to restart my server. I don't want to lose the world so simply going back to 1.12 isn't an option. I find it quite weird though that the server lags this much, especially since we are only online with 2-3 players at a time and the server is completely vanilla, without any mods or plugins. What can I do to fix this? This is the server log: