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    Hi Aternos Team

    Could you please add the following modpack?

    Name: Advanced Wizardry


    Description: The Advanced Wizardry modpack places you, the player, in a magical world full of infinite possibilities. The pack, as the name suggests, revolves around magic and learning to use nature and everything around you to become more powerful. The modpack has so many things to explore and create that you most definitely will be entertained for an extremely long time.

    Hi Aternos team
    Could you please add the following mod?
    Name: To the Bat Poles Mod
    Description: To the Bat Poles Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 creates a one-way ride out of everyday iron bars. It allows Vanilla Iron Bars to be used as vertical player transport solutions. With this mod installed, single columns of Iron Bars will function as slidable poles, similar to fireman’s poles. The player can begin sliding on the pole by jumping onto the side, and they can dismount using the dismount control key. When sliding down, the player will spin around the pole.