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    Hello all, been playing on a 1.14.4 completely vanilla server with about 5 other people (only 4 of us are on at most at the same time) for about 3 weeks with no problems, however since about 2 days ago there has been immense lag, chunks take forever to load and all mobs and minecarts move really statically, to the point where its faster walking than taking our minecart system around, and less often we have reappearing blocks.

    I've followed multiple guides on how to reduce lag, killing off loads of our villagers, aminals and pets, and even getting rid of most of our redstone excluding our rails. [I read that constantly powered rails are a problem but we've only got about 50 or so constantly on rails, the rest use detector rails]

    Constantly getting latency and tick lag messages in the log, as seen here:

    Any type of help would be incredibly useful as this server we have put hours into has effectively become unplayable. Please tell me what other info I need to give. Thanks!