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    on that image, is a plugin which is paid on aternos? also it's from Songoda, but many plugins are from there. apparentally you can request from bukkit, spigot AND Songoda. anybody explain why this is paid and on aternos? clearly you can't request paid plugins, i accidentally requested playervaultsx which was paid but i didnt see that.

    OK superauth, mcmmo and pretty much ALL plugins on aternos that are from songoda are paid, like this must be the best host ever because you get paid plugins for free???

    even a paid anticheat, how nice. must be super good because its like 20 usd...

    some mod or staff or someone explain this


    This is like EssentialsX; Essentials was discontinued and somebody continued it with EssentialsX. This is a newer version of playervaults, which has many new features than PlayerVaults. PlayerVaults is still usable but has many dupe glitches.

    Add this to :aternos:!

    keyboard scrolling video

    Well maybe add like a hint or button to access the bukkit.yml because people wouldnt know to access it like that or soemthing like that (also other files like serverproperties.yml or that stuff)

    also i mean the worlds like the world folders

    also how do you disable end from being made because the main end is in my survival world and it always makes Hub_End world that i cant delete from the multiverse config for some reason and it keeps saying a error because it couldnt delete it or whatever

    nvm i jus tset allow_end in bukkit.yml

    also why cant you access spigot.yml or

    I would like access to the worlds and bukkit.yml in all the server software that don't include access to it. The Magma software on Aternos gives access to bukkit.yml and worlds and other stuff, but Paper and Spigot doesn't. This would be a nice feature to add.

    Also when scrolling in a text file if i click once (on mobile) and after if i scroll it keeps showing the keyboard up. Maybe make it remove the selection you did before once you are scrolling down?